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Green Bow Candles

Green Bow Candles’s mission is to empower underprivileged populations by teaching them the skills necessary to achieve personal and financial independence.

As our partner, Green Bow Candle (GBC) provides us with all the materials we need to make and sell candles. They enter our home to teach the girls how to make the candles, but they also teach them business skills that can be used to start their own company. Doors to Freedom participants are actively involved in the process, so each candle is survivor made! Once the candles are sold, Doors to Freedom retains 50% of the gross profit. Each participant will receive a designated percentage that, upon completion of our program, becomes an investment in her future towards a life of self-sustainability!

Candles are available for sale on their website! Any questions about shipping/pick up will be handled by Green Bow Candles: