Back to School Drive

Be a part of Doors to Freedom’s Back to School Drive! Our 2017-2018 school year began on August 15th. We are excited about another school year with the girls and seeing them learn and grow.

Ivy is a hard-working 16 year old in our program. She desires to one day become a veterinarian. She’s also interested in astronomy and loves learning to cook. So we are diving into her newfound curiosity to cultivate a love for learning. It is through your generosity to our program that she has developed this new love for learning!

All of this growth has all taken place in the last year. When Ivy joined our program, a little over a year ago, she assessed at a 5th grade level in certain subjects although she was supposed to be in 9th grade. A year later she has caught up to her peers and is taking 10th grade classes! We are so excited to see what she will accomplish this year!

Be a part of the Back to School Drive by purchasing an envelope. Each envelope represents an item needed to make this school year successful and the number on the envelope represents the value. Her DREAM with your support becomes her FUTURE! Envelopes are available for $1 to $250, but there is only one envelope of each number, so get yours before it’s gone!

Her DREAM with your SUPPORT becomes her FUTURE!