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Program Information

This information is to help you and the potential Doors to Freedom participant know what to expect. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Doors to Freedom is a voluntary program.

About Doors to Freedom

Doors to Freedom is a 501c3 non-profit that exists to provide a safe place for survivors of domestic minor sex trafficking to experience a transformed life.  We serve females ages 12-20.  Our goal is to empower each young lady to find new life, restored hope, and a beautiful future.  Doors to Freedom’s desire is to lovingly support each girl as she overcomes her traumatic past and receives total restoration: body, soul and spirit. We are committed to providing a safe place, free of charge, that provides a consistent, structured environment.

Currently, we are only able to offer a daytime program, Monday – Thursday 9am-3pm.  Please see below for the services we are able to provide at this time. 

Doors to Freedom is a 3-phase program, “ACT”,  that typically takes up to 2 years to complete:

  1. Assess (4-6 weeks): We assess her strengths and needs and create a plan for her growth. If the participant and Doors to Freedom agree that Doors to Freedom is the right place for her, she moves on to Phase 2. If Doors to Freedom is not the right place for her, or if she decides she wants to leave, Doors to Freedom will assist her in transitioning to another placement.
  2. Change (12-18 months): We guide her through an Individualized Growth Plan which includes:
    • Administration (case management, advocacy, visitation, etc.)
    • Personal Growth Counseling
    • TFCBT/RRFT Therapy (Referred to MUSC- National Crime Victims Treatment Center)
    • Music Therapy provided by Charleston Southern University
    • Education (High School Diploma or GED)
    • Life Skills
    • Nutrition and Exercise
    • Assistance to Medical Care if necessary (We are not a medical facility)
  3. Transition (3-6 months): THIS PHASE WILL APPLY TO RESIDENTS ONCE DOORS TO FREEDOM IS OPERATIONAL 24/7.  We transition her back into the community with support to encourage her in her continued success. During Phase 3, she will return to life with her family or a DSS-licensed therapeutic foster home. Her family or foster home will be given a care plan to encourage further growth and to prepare her to transition to life outside of Doors to Freedom’s program. Staff will stay in contact with participants up to 3 months after completing our program.

Core Values

  • Compassion- We are compelled by compassion.
  • Humility- We will be humble servants.
  • Intentional- We consider other’s needs above our own.
  • Loyalty- We will be a faithful presence.
  • Diligence- We are constant in our efforts.

We Believe

Our organization believes truth is essential for freedom. Knowing truth and understanding truth give meaning to the value of life. Understanding your value restores dignity and offers a new perspective on life. The right perspective restores hope and allows one to dream again for her future.


Each participant has the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion.  Doors to Freedom’s program is based upon and aligned with Scripture, but applicable to all people.  Religious freedom in the home goes as far as it does not: conflict with the rights of others, conflict with the goals and schedule of the program, involve illegal or harmful activity.


Doors to Freedom’s facility location is confidential. We will do everything in our power to keep participants safe and secure.  We are not a lock-down facility.  We keep participant’s personal information and participation with Doors to Freedom confidential, accessible only (with written consent) to those involved with their care and/or legal case.

Financial Aspect

Doors to Freedom’s program is offered free of charge to accepted participants.