Educating for the Future

Educating for the Future

Education plays a major role at Doors to Freedom because it creates opportunities for a better, more beautiful future. We want you to see what goes into providing the young ladies in our program with a wonderful education.

In order to provide each girl with exactly what she needs to succeed, our school offers girls the opportunity to pursue a high school diploma or GED (General Education Diploma). When girls enter into our program, we assess where they are in their education. From there we create an individualized plan to help her pursue her goals of obtaining her high school diploma or her GED.

Doors to Freedom uses a unique curriculum that combines academics and methodology. The curriculum is based on physiological development patterns so that girls can master learning, critical analysis, conceptualization, and cognitive reasoning. By using this method, students learn to teach themselves with the aid of educational staff and volunteers.

Whether the student is a quick learner, a moderate-paced learner, or a slower-methodical learner, the curriculum is individualized to optimize her strengths and abilities. Diagnostic tests determine her strengths and weaknesses as well as where gaps in learning may be. We keep all of that in mind as we develop a specific education plan for each student which makes it possible for each girl to master the subject matter before moving on. Mastering concepts serves as the foundation for her future learning to be built upon.

At Doors to Freedom, we strive to cultivate a desire to learn. By individualizing each girl’s education, she has the opportunity to succeed and truly grow instead of scraping by. We have high standards for our education because we are committed to helping survivors reach their potential. And we believe that when each girl reaches her potential she will change the world.