Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

When we talk about Doors to Freedom and our programs, we often first mention our Education and Personal Growth programs. They are what we do day to day. The why behind our programs is just as important as the what. Our programs are designed and built on a foundation of love. From the moment that we first learn that a girl has been trafficked and she will be joining our program, we shower her with love. Sure, that means we make sure she has nice things, but more than that we make sure we know her likes and dislikes, her interests, and her dreams for the future.

Too often these young ladies are cheated out of what true love is. They are told love is tied to material possessions or that they are only worthy of love if they do what is expected of them.

That is why love is the foundation for all that we do as an organization. Our girls deserve true love instead of the counterfeits they receive. We want them to understand what it means to be loved. Too often our girls are told, “If you love me, then you will do this for me.” That is not love. Love is given, not expected. That is why we tell them, “Because we love you, we want to give you a beautiful future.”

And it is on this foundation of love that we build our programs of Education, Life Skills, and Personal Growth. The love that we display allows us the platform to teach and empower these young ladies.

We want our girls to understand that when we say they are beautiful, we mean they are beautiful just the way they are. That when we say they have greatness in their future, we mean they will be great on their terms and not on terms that others make for them. That when we say we love them, we mean we love them just for who they are, no strings attached.

Today is Valentine’s Day, and we will show them they are special. That they are dear to us. That they are loved. And we will do that again tomorrow…and the next day…and the next…because they are valuable and they are worthy of love.

Happy Valentine’s Day