Healing Isn’t Easy

Healing Isn’t Easy

This morning we paused to enjoy the beautiful spring-like weather. From the beautiful blue skies to the cool, crisp air, it was not hard to pause and enjoy nature this morning.

As we paused, we noticed that in one of our trees, there was a dead limb that was caught up in the other limbs. It was no longer attached to the trunk, but it had not fallen to the ground. It was suspended in the air. As we looked at the hanging branch, it was hard not to see this branch as a metaphor for what our girls deal with in their lives.

We couldn’t tell you when the branch broke off from the tree. Was it a few days ago? During Hurricane Matthew? Before then? We don’t know. What we do know is the branch has the potential to fall and break other branches along the way.

Our girls have faced much hardship in their lives, and as a result, pieces of who they are have been broken off. And just like the branch, it wasn’t anything they did that caused the branch to be broken. It was an outside source that caused the hurt and pain that is left in our girls’ lives.

And just like with this branch, that pain is often left hanging for days. For months. Maybe for years before anything is done about it. Our young ladies haven’t had someone come alongside them and help them find healing and growth. The trauma of their past is often left hanging, suspended in their past without being addressed. When left hanging, the pain of their past can suppress other aspects of who they are.

And that is why we find it so important to love and care for our young ladies. They have these existing branches hanging in their lives threatening to consume other aspects of who they are. Healing does not happen while the broken limbs remain. We want to safely remove those branches without hurting the tree.

Thank you for being a part of helping Doors to Freedom in our pursuit to help remove the broken branches, so that the rest of the tree can flourish.