One Year In Our House

One Year In Our House

One Year Anniversary
On March 8th we will be celebrating our one year anniversary in the house! It is hard to believe that a year has already gone by. It has been a blessing and privilege to work with each young lady in a place that one day they will call home.

A year ago, we operated out of a 10×15 office. That was difficult for our staff, and even harder for the girls. Now we have a beautiful home that is becoming even more beautiful as we continue in the final stretch of renovations. When we bought the house, we needed to put $76,000 into remodeling to meet DSS regulations. We are thrilled to say that 12 months later renovations are moving along, and we need only $25,000 more to finish. Once renovations are complete we can begin the next step of having DSS inspect the home for licensing!

If, in the past year, we only had the success of $51,000 of renovations to celebrate, that would be wonderful. Yet, we would have not been faithful to our mission and vision. More important than the renovation of our home is the renovation that is happening in the hearts of each of the young ladies we work with.

We have been able to work with eight girls since we opened our doors a year ago. We have loved seeing each of these young ladies grow and develop during their time with us. One of the greatest aspects of having a home is the ability to regularly offer additional services. The growth of our program provides increased opportunities for them to discover their passions and fulfill their dreams.

We have seen many beautiful things in the past year. We have seen the first girl graduate from our program and get her GED. We have seen the girls put hard work into their education with fantastic results to show for it. We have seen them take concepts from their personal growth classes and turn those concepts into a lifestyle of overcoming challenges that life throws at them. We could not be more proud of each one of the girls!

Both, the girls we work with and our program have grown by leaps and bounds since the purchase of the home. Our next step is to build upon the growth that takes place only four days a week. This will happen as we continue to partner with more people in the community to create stronger stability for the girls. With your financial help, we will be able to provide continual, 24/7 care for these young ladies that are being rescued within our community.

This month we are celebrating our successes over the past year, and we are looking forward to continuing the celebrations as we take the next step to open the home 24/7. But, this will not happen without you.

This month, we are asking for people to join us as One Grand Plan partners. One Grand Plan partners are individuals or businesses that financially give $1,000 throughout the year. This can be done all at once or monthly. One Grand Plan partners will play an essential role in helping us become fully operational. So, in honor of our one year anniversary in the home, will you consider becoming a One Grand Plan partner?

Only together can we rebuild the lives of young girls that desperately need a safe place to call home!

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