Red Flags

Red flags to possibly identify a vicitim of human trafficking

  • Lack of freedom (Signs of being controlled)
  • Few or no personal possesions
  • Lack of knowledge of whereabouts, frequent movement Inconsistencies in story
  • Does not know key information about employer or boyfriend
  • Not in control of ID documents
  • Signs of physical abuse, malnourishment, lack of healthcare
  • Owes a debt and cannot pay it off, paid very little, has a quota

Additional Red Flags Of Sex Trafficking

  • Under 18 and engaging in commerical sex
  • Relationship with an older man, constant communication with multiple men
  • Possession of clothing, jewelry or cell phone that would typically be unaffordable
  • Tattoo/branding marking as property of a pimp
  • Works during school hours
  • Works excessive hours
  • Working without proper supervision or monitored excessively
  • Engaged in begging, peddling or the illicit economy

**Information from Polaris Project unless otherwise noted