Staff Spotlight- ChristaBeth

Staff Spotlight- ChristaBeth

Hi! I’m ChristaBeth Tuner, the Program Director at Doors to Freedom. I met Sharon, our Executive Director, for the first time two years ago while I was working for Berkeley County DSS. While we were talking, Sharon told me about Doors to Freedom. I shared with her that my dream in high school was to open a safe house for girls who have been trafficked (basically my dream was everything Doors to Freedom is).

Fast forward 2 years, and my supervisor at BCDSS recommended me for the job at Doors to Freedom. I met with Sharon and was immediately humbled and blown away by the opportunity that had been placed before me to serve Doors to Freedom as the Program Director. My dream job came much earlier than I anticipated!

I love interacting and working with the Doors to Freedom staff, volunteers, and participants. I enjoy having conversations with the girls and serving them and in any way I can. Working at Doors to Freedom brings countless rewarding moments to my life. One rewarding moment for me at Doors to Freedom was a day that I went outside the house and cut some flowers for the girls to put on their desks in the classroom. The rose bush is right outside the window in the dining room and the girls were talking about how pretty they are. The next morning when I arrived I went outside, cut some bouquets for the girls, put them in vases and left a note with the vase. It was such a little thing, but I believe that every girl should be shown daily how loved and treasured she is. I can’t wait for my next opportunity to show them in some simple way how much I care about each of them.

When I am not at Doors to Freedom, I am either at night classes at the Low Country Grad Center for my Masters in Social Work, working at my required internship for my MSW, or at home spending time with my wonderful husband, Caleb and energetic puppy, Ryder.