The Face of the Victim

Those At Risk…

  • U.S. Citizens and foreign nationals
  • Male and female, but mostly women and children
  • Diverse social and economic backgrounds
  • Runaway and homeless youth
  • Gay, Lesbian and Transgender youth
  • Victims of prior abuse
  • BUT, it can happen to anyone

The Lure

Victims are recruited by pimps posing as a boyfriend, caretaker or protector. They are promised love, provision and security.

Why Don’t the Victims Just Leave?

  • Pimps threaten violence against them or their loved ones.
  • Victims think they genuinely love the pimp so they are loyal to them.
  • Victims feel ashamed and hopeless.
  • Their mentality is “sex for survival.”
  • Some don’t consider themselves victims.
  • They are afraid they will be arrested and treated like a criminal.
    (The fact is, most are treated as prostitutes and put in jail or detention centers.)