Volunteer Spotlight- Cana

Volunteer Spotlight- Cana


Hey! I’m Cana, a college student studying sociology with an emphasis in human services. I learned about sex trafficking through my church when I was 13 and immediately had a desire to love on the girls that had never experienced sacrificial love! Years later, I moved to Charleston for college determined to volunteer at Doors to Freedom.

One of my favorite parts about volunteering is cookie Tuesday! At some point a while ago, I started making cookies whenever there was cookie dough in the fridge. It turned into a weekly occurrence that the girls look forward to! It’s fun to walk in and see everyone get excited about something as simple as cookies on Tuesdays. (Full disclosure: sometimes we also bake them on other days because, why not?!)

Although work can get difficult or frustrating, the atmosphere is always positive and loving. Staff work hard to make sure this home is comfortable and hopeful despite what is happening outside these walls until the girls can become full time residents after we open as a residential facility. Seeing the girls get comfortable and have new experiences is incredibly fun. Just last week, one girl had her very first birthday cake!! Being part of those happy moments is why I love what I do.

Outside of Doors to Freedom, I’m the typical college student learning how to “adult.” I spend most of my time drinking coffee and multitasking (or procrastinating) with friends.